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Nancy Rosenfeld $225.00+

Nancy Rosenfeld $225.00+

Nancy Rosenfeld exudes aloha spirit with creativity and keen listening skills to design a loving ceremony that inspires smiles of memories for a lifetime. When looking for an officiant to choreograph one of the most tender moments of your life, it’s important to find someone you can trust to hear your desires and deliver your wishes with magical finesse. Nancy Rosenfeld has always had a way with words as a published author. She is ordained as a non-denominational celebrant and captures the emotions and cultural practices of each couple in a specific, meaningful way. Nancy is happy to offer Hawaiian customs and Jewish customs upon request. She will write you something amazing – and deliver it like it’s the only wedding she will ever do because it is (for you). If this sounds like the attention to care that you want – then contact Nancy to get started!

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