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South Maui Beach Locations

Makena Cove, Maui

Makena Cove in Located in Makena, about 15 minutes past Kihei.Makena Cove is also known as Secret Beach.
It is a gorgeous location due to its tropical environment.It one of the few beaches that has Palms trees and Lava Rock scatted about with warm golden sand.
This makes for some of the most beautiful photographs and backdrops.

Palauea Beach-White Rock

Palauea Beach is location past Kihei and is also know as White Rock Beach It is a Long Beautiful Beach with Palm trees at one end and Lava rock scattered at both ends.
Beautiful sunsets and waves.This beach is also very beautiful during the morning hours with it light blue water and long shoreline.

Polo Beach, Wailea Mauik

Polo Beach is located in Wailea. It is located below the Fairmont Resort. Beautiful smaller sandy beach off the Wailea walking path.

Wailea Beach, Maui

Wailea Beach is located in Wailea Maui below the Grand Wailea Resort. Known for the beautiful Wailea walking path as well at the long sandy shoreline and a beautiful water front backdrop.

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