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Kahu Alalani Hill

Traditional Ceremony $175.00 Ancient Hawaiian Ceremony $275.00

Traditional Wedding $175.00

(Weddings before 9:30am are an additional $50.00. Additional charges may apply for upcountry and West Side locations)

  • Spiritual, Religious or Contemporary Vows.
  • Kahuna trained as a minister in Hawaiian (Hawaiian to English Translation).
  • Ceremonial vows attire or pulpit robe & Kihei (Cloth).
  • Blessing of wedding rings.
  • Ceremonial Lei & Honi (Ancient Hawaiian nose kisses).
  • Filing of marriage license.
  • Upon Request:
  • Blowing of Pu’ (Blowing of Conch Shell).
  • Blessing Chant - Pule (Hawaiian Prayer).
  • Personalized vows.
  • Honoring of parents , family or guests with lei. Incorporation of children.
  • Scripture
  • Ancient Hawaiian Ceremony
  • Includes traditional ceremony items above as well as ancient protocols.
  • Pu’blowing (blowing of conch shell in the beginning & end of the ceremony during kiss.
  • Hawaiian Chant - Welcoming to the wedding couples and their guests.
  • Sacred Wedding bundle: A kuhana keepsake bundle with names & dates, filled with 3 Maui wedding blessing objects. This bundle is so that you may add on an object each Anniversary throughout your marriage.
  • 2 Kukui or keepsake bracelets used in future to reconnect to your wedding day.
  • Hamo (Anointing) with hernolele aila (Holy oil) Joins couples in flames, in body, mind and spirit.
  • Ope’a (Hand bound or hand fasting) briefly together with sacred cordage during your vows.
  • Ancient Hawaiian union Pule (Prayer - Translated in Hawaiian/English).
    Upon Request:
  • Ho’okupu - (offering) to the ocean from the couple, gives thanks to god or past ancestors.
  • Ho’oponopono process of healing the past through forgiveness.
  • Talking to couples before the wedding date via phone.
  • Singing the Hawaiian Wedding song.
  • Kapa Cloth- Ceremonial wrapping in scared union barkcloth.
  • Scripture readings
  • Moon Phase - will teach and share Hawaiian moon phase of your wedding day.
  • Ancient Deluxe Personalized coconut cups $
    Ceremony available with Kahu Alalani Hill from 9:30am to sunset, 7 days a week. Weddings earlier than 9:30am are an additional $50.00. West Side and Upcountry Wedding may have additional fees. Pre-union Ho’oponopono or rehearsals can be scheduled 1 to 5 days prior to your wedding day. Kahu, photographers and other wedding staff will wear masks upon requests. Hand sanitizers are available upon request, along with a fresh pen for signing. .

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